Generally speaking

There is no reason to seriously discuss statements that are not true. So determining whether or not they are, is material.

Lots of thing are neither true nor false. Statements about the future for example.
So there is also no reason to seriously discuss something which is not seriously meant. Jokes for example need no serious examination except by scholars, perhaps examining the structure of language.

If a position is seriously meant it has some implications. For one thing the person holding it must have an argument for it. A reason. Really almost anything goes here. Good , bad or indifferent. But there must be something. And it must also be logical. Logic is the foundation of our reality. That and truth; True statements about facts. Some people have chosen to not live in reality and that is their prerogative. That too has implications, for one thing if you abandon truth and logic it allows the rest of us to dismiss your words and opinions as meaningless. This may seem harsh.

The words of a person, however devoid of logic, may accurately represent their understanding of the world. But if the words do not have logic we really don’t know what that understanding might be. A person may feel strongly about something. Which of course anyone is perfectly entitled to. But they will have a tough time accurately communicating that feeling to others. Through empathy we may emulate the feelings of others in our selves. Putting ourselves in someone elses shoes as it were. This is in many ways laudable, indeed it is absolutely essential in a livable society. But it still only guess work on our part. Did we get the feeling right. Is this feeling that we managed to engender in ourselves what they really felt. Maybe. It could be a solid conjecture, but only a conjecture never the less. This is not made easier by lies and insincerity.

Words have largely agreed upon meaning, and if you use words differently from other people they will not be able to understand you. Logic functions analogously. Through it we express our thoughts. There is only one logic. This is why mathematics, being strictly derived through logic, is the only truly universal language. With mathematics anyone can communicate with anyone else. 2 + 2 = 4 is the same everywhere in the universe regardless of the symbols used to express the statement.

Abandoning logic precludes you from making your thoughts accurately understood by others. If someone tells me something they are trying to communicate a thought they have, to me, and I will try to understand it. It they lie to me, abandon logic, selectively apply standards and criteria or cherry pick their facts there is little chance that I will be able to understand what that thought really is. In the “channel” between one mind and another there are many sources of error.

There are venues in life where understanding is not part of the arrangement. Political discourse on TV is a good example. Here the objective is to persuade, not to communicate. Accuracy in the communication channel is not required when one thought is no longer to be transmitted from one person to another.

A cursory examination of the format makes this clear. The communication of optimized for persuasion if that is the goal, or comfort if the idea is to validate what people already believe. In all cases the words are selected to achieve the purpose.

The recipients will have to take their chances as best they can. But there is a downside on the source side. Cognitive Dissonance. Most people do not think of themselves as liars and manipulators. This is solved quite easily by starting to believe in what you say. But if that is sheer nonsense you might put yourself in danger. This is where hypocrisy comes in. It is an essential comping mechanism to help avoid the danger of succumbing to believing in what you say.

Those who make their living in professions where accurate communication is not only not required but possibly grounds for dismissal, should embrace hypocrisy with both arms.

If you are a paid spokesman this is a little easier. Then there would be no suggestion that you personally endorsed, believed in or in anyway adhered to anything you said. In fact the more outrageous the nonsense you manged to utter with a straight face the better. It would show off your abilities as a spokes person and improve your job prospects.
Like actors finding comedy hard work, trying to avoid laughing at their lines. Good one can do it, bad ones not.

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